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from  Beautiful work!


These are so beautiful. I plan to share this with the many southerners who wrongfully believe that NJ looks like the opening credits of "The Sopranos" i.e. Harrison/Elizabeth/Rahway 1&9 ramps.

Excellent work - thank you for sharing!
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from Deborah C. Lewinson
on March 28, 2006
 Thank you Renee,
NJ is indeed beautiful! Years ago we had relatives drive up from the South to visit us. They thought of NJ as route 1-9 from NY to PA. Around North Carolina they stopped and bought fruits and vegetables to share with us. Arriving in NJ they saw farms with fruit and vegetable stands. People forget that NJ is "The Garden State", but, as you know, we also have herds of deer, pheasant, fox, raptors, and songbirds in our back yards.
Thanks again for your terrific comment.

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